Aluminium slide and fold doors

Aluminium slide and fold doors open living rooms to the garden space. They may provide a café with an openness into the crowded pedestrian area. They also mean opening one's store at a shopping mall to the commercial alley walked along by prospective customers.

Create your space

Abandon any barriers and use technology. Due to the use of the construction of aluminium-made slide and fold doors with a low thresholdyou may gain full control over your interior. You create one room out of two within several dozen seconds. You open your living room, letting the garden of your dreams in. Imagine a restaurant at a busy street – after opening its aluminium slide and fold doors,each pedestrian may freely walk through it. Can you see the potential in it? If so – ask our qualified assistant.


Technical data

Frame depth (door/ window)
50 - 97 mm
Door leaf frame (door/ window)
37 mm
Glass thickness
22 - 26 mm
Min. visible width of the profile
Frame (door / window)
44,5 mm
Door leaf (door/ window)
68,5 mm
Max. dimensions and mass of construction
Max. dimensions of the door leaf (HxL)
H do 2600 mm
L do 1800 mm
Max. mass of the door leaf (door/ window)
160 kg