Granite window sills

Granite Window Sills

Granite is a natural material used in the construction industry, architecture and interior finishing. It is both perfectly applicable on the outside and inside of buildings. The window sills made of granite will guarantee the solidity of the structure and will add some aesthetic dimension to it.

The advantages of granite may be listed with no end. One of them is the remarkable durability and resistance to abrasion or weather conditions. It is one of the hardest rocks, therefore it will serve us unscathed for many years. Granite greatly corresponds to wood, metal, glass, as well as with other modern materials. Additionally, it is a material of very low water absorption, which also entails its frost-resistance. It may therefore be used as a cladding material with regard to external stairs, terraces or façades of buildings.

The colour palette of granite window sills

We offer you the most attractive colours at competitive prices. Granite, as a material, contains natural veins' schedule, micro-cracks, pitting or shade changes. It is not, by any means, a defect of the product, but the advantage of it that testifies to the nobility, natural origins and uniqueness of the material.

  • G603 China Cristal
  • G654 Orient Black
  • G682 Yellow Pink
  • Rosabeta
  • Carmen Red
  • Giallo Antica
  • Vanga
  • Tan Brown
  • Nero Impala
  • Multicolor
  • Maple Red

Technical data

  • The window sills of the thickness of 20 and 30 mm with a desired size (the maximum length as dependable on the currently available boards)
  • the approx. weigh of 1 sq. m of the material is: thickness 20 mm – approx. 55 kg, thickness 30 mm – approx. 85 kg

The cleaning and maintenance of granite

Granite is a very stable and hard material, resistant to the influence of Feather conditions, acids, alkalis, fats or water. We may, therefore, use any cleaning agents to maintain it. However, initially we would like to suggest using the impregnation to stone-based treatments. In the future, it fully suffices to use water containing delicate cleaning liquids (e.g. dishwashing liquids) for successful maintenance.

WARNING!Products made of granite are natural products. The structure of the finalproduct may differ from the presented samples. The presence of veins, structural excess, micro-cracks or pitting is not a defect – it proves the natural origin and nobility of stone. Any complaints are consider prior to the installation of window sills (with the exclusion of hidden defects).

The information contained on this website is of general nature only and the products presented may differ from the actual ones.