Marble window sills

Marble Window Sills

Marble is a natural material that appeared as a result of the transformation of carbonate rocks (the limestone and dolomite). Depending on the mineral admixtures it may have, marble may come in a variety of colours or patterns. It demonstrates a lower resistance to abrasion and weather conditions when compared to granite. It is therefore recommended to be used in the places that are less exposed to weather conditions. We may offer you the most beautiful marble in the Polish market – NAPOLEON DAINO REALE (also known as BRECCIA SARDA). It has unique veins' schedule and the colour that is perfectly harmonious with any wooden elements. If used in our interiors, it will guarantee an incredible effect to us. We produce it under the trade name of NAPOLEON.

The colour palette of marble window sills

  • Napoleon
  • Napoleon
  • Napoleon
  • Napoleon

Technical data

  • the window sills of the thickness of merely 30 mm with a desired size (the maximum length as dependable on the currently available boards)
  • the approx. Weigh of 1 sq. m of the material is: thickness 30 mm – approx. 85 kg

The cleaning and maintenance of marble

For the proper care and maintenance of marble there exist the clearing agents with a neutral pH. The surfaces should be cleaned with warm water and then dried with soft material.

In order to maintain marble we use:

  • Colourless wax which will not alter the shade of marble, while it will refresh its beauty.
  • Special agents made to seal the pores on the surface of marble, providing protection against soaking. It is essential to use them on an ultra-clean surface, as the impregnation created on is not permeable to moisture. Any other impurities left on the surface will be visible through the layer of the colourless impregnation and it will not be possible to remove them through conventional means.

Important information:

  • We should avoid using glues and clearing agents with over 10 pH.
  • The appearance of marble is also influenced by the impurities left on its surface. If they are not systematically removed, they may create a dangerous patine onthe surface that has an impast on the loss of gloss. It is therefore necessary to wash it regularly with water and the agents of neutral pH.
  • The popular products that might damage the surface include: juice, shaving foams, alcoholic beverages, soda, perfume, nail polish remover, ketchup, mustard, vinegar, cleaning agents not intended to stone, hair care products, shampoo, soaps containing EDTA, stone salt, sand, toothpaste, toilet and pipe cleaning agents, as well as any liquid containing acid or alkali.

WARNING! Products made of marble are natural products. The structure of the finalproduct may differ from the presented samples. The presence of veins, structural excess, micro-cracks or pitting is not a defect – it proves the natural origin and nobility of stone. Any complaints are consider prior to the installation of window sills (with the exclusion of hidden defects).

The information contained on this website is of general nature only and the products presented may differ from the actual ones.