PCV slide and fold doors

PCV slide and fold doors provide a cost-effective solution that allows for receiving the opening width through the door up to 6 metres! They are used anywhere where it is desirable to merge two separate spaces into a unity; in a café at a busy street, in a living room – in order to open it to the garden – or inside a conference room, to make one larger room out of two smaller ones.

Create your space

PCV slide and fold doorsare an irreplaceable and cheap solution that allows for getting enormous opening width to reach up to 6 metres. The concept of PCV slide and fold doors is more than often used in the Mediterranean countries, where the owners of eating places temp the passers-by with the lack of any barriers at their entrances. Passing by such an eatery, you are almost as if let inside due to the walls having an accordion-like fold. They do great wherever we want to "let inside" fabulous views and the breeze of freshness from the outside.


Technical data

slide and fold door
Frame depth (door/ window)
50 - 70 mm
Door leaf frame (door/ window)
od 59 mm
depends on system
Glass thickness
4,5 - 60 mm
Min. visible width of the profile
Frame (door / window)
depends on system
Door leaf (door/ window)
depends on system
Max. dimensions and mass of construction
Max. dimensions of the door leaf (HxL)
H do 2400 mm
L do 1600 mm
Max. mass of the door leaf (door/ window)
130 kg