Wooden slide and fold doors

Wooden slide and fold doors are a great way to let your garden inside the living room not only within a few moments, but also in a groundbreaking way. They allow for opening one's café to the promenade with a six-metre passage provided or joining two conference rooms into a single and bigger one. And all of these as made of future-proof oak, meranti or pine wood. Adopting any shape or colour.

Create your space

A wooden slide and fold door is a movable wall made of glass and high-quality wood of oak, pine or meranti trees. It will prove exceptionally good wherever it matters to you to open your space to the outer world. Our customers use them in shopping malls, cafés , restaurants, at busy streets. One interesting functionality of wooden slide and fold doors is that they may be used as partition walls inside conference rooms which may be folded at any moment and within several dozen seconds to create one large open space.


Technical data

Frame depth (door/ window)
50 - 97 mm
Door leaf frame (door/ window)
37 mm
Glass thickness
22 - 26 mm
Min. visible width of the profile
Frame (door / window)
44,5 mm
Door leaf (door/ window)
68,5 mm
Max. dimensions and mass of construction
Max. dimensions of the door leaf (HxL)
H do 2600 mm
L do 1800 mm
Max. mass of the door leaf (door/ window)
160 kg